Control Room

The control room is 35 m2 with an adjacent lounge and machine room. On the 1st floor you’ll find a living room and a kitchen/dining room. The control room has by many been described as «one of the best listening rooms on the planet».

Recording Area

The recording area is 70 m2 with 5m ceiling height and contains various acoustic zones with marble- and hardwood floors and walls of stone and wood. This combination of diffusion and reflection creates a soft and «airy» reverberation particularly well suited for the recording of acoustic instruments.

Nidaros Studio has the capacity to accommodate up to 25 musicians, such as a big band or a chamber orchestra.


The recording area also has three adjacent isolated rooms with very good separation from the main recording area, as well as three isolated booths within the walls for guitar amps and similar sound sources.

Iso-Room #1
Iso-Room #3
Iso-Booths & Iso-Room #2

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